Contract Manufacturer HCD has struck gold after being presented with the opportunity to become actively involved in the preparations for the Closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

The Letchworth based electronics company were faced with a race to the finish line to supply PCBs and cables for the lighting effects to be used by Rio De Janeiro during the closing ceremony.
World-renowned artist and designer Moritz Waldemeyer is the man behind the lighting design for Rio’s part in the closing ceremony.

LED costume

With the closing ceremony date looming on Sunday 12 August, HCD Director’s Gene and Carol Holmes were given less than 2 weeks to supply Waldemeyer with almost 3000 PCBs and 1500 cables, and along with their team of 18 managed the monstrous task of manufacturing, testing and delivering all products within 8 days.

Carol Holmes said: “We were called in at the last minute and produced quality products in a very tight timescale”
“This proves that British manufacturers can compete on a global basis both in quality and delivery”.

“The staff have been fantastic working round the clock and giving up much of their free time”.

“We are tremendously proud of what we have achieved at HCD.”

LED Banner

Moritz and his team were extremely impressed with the rate and quality in which the boards and cables were produced. Impressing such an influential figure has come with its benefits with Waldemeyer inquiring about a further three high profile jobs.

HCD is very excited at the prospect of working with such a high profile client, as well as being involved with such diverse and visually stunning designs.



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